From Italy with Love…and a lot of organic fruit! 🥑 🇮🇹

Orteat starts shipping organic products from its Italian farmers to some European countries.

Sorry if you find some Italian words or some mistakes, we are working on improving our International website.

In the meantime, we don't want you to lose the chance to try out our farmers' products!  


Why Orteat?
On Orteat you can buy 100% organic fruit and vegetables directly from certified organic farmers.

When is the fruit harvested?

The fruit is manually-picked directly from the trees on the day of shipment directly by the farmers. Each farmer will carefully prepare your Box and send it to your home address. If you order from two or more different farmers, you will receive separate deliveries.

The delivery date is always indicative, as freshly harvested products can be delayed due to natures’ unpredictability, such as unexpected weather events (rain, wind or just bad weather).

Why do you only ship at the beginning of week?

To guarantee maximum freshness, we want the fruit to be delivered in the same week it has been picked. We want to avoid storing our products in our courier company’s warehouses on Saturdays, Sunday and during national holidays.

What if I encounter any problems during the shipment of my order?

We always try to guarantee the maximum levels of quality and freshness for all our products.

If you experience any problems, we suggest you to make a complaint within 24 hours after receiving your order. In this way, we assure you immediate help and a prompt solution.

What if I am not at home when the courier arrives?

If you are not at home when the courier arrives, a second attempt to deliver your order will be made the next day. If the courier doesn’t find anyone during the second attempt, your package will be held in the courier’s warehouse for a maximum period of 2 days. Afterwards, the package is returned to the sender. There is no refund available in case of non-delivery.

How does the payment work?

Below you can find the payment options:

- With a credit card, also a rechargeable one

- Through PayPal

- Via Bank Transfer: you will receive the bank details after your purchase has been confirmed. We would like to specify that if you pay via bank transfer, both the shipping and the delivery timing will be different: your order will be handled as soon as the payment, or a copy of the bank transfer, is received.

- Google Pay or Shop Pay: two online payment methods that allow you to simplify the process of data entry during check-out operations. Your order will be handled as soon as the payment receipt has been sent to our email address

It is possible to pay by cash on delivery?

No, we do not accept cash on delivery.

How does your customer service work?

We are available for all your needs from the pre-purchase phase to the post-sale one, in order to guarantee you utmost peace during all the stages of your order. You can contact us by email at or by phone (via WhatsApp as well) at +39 392 201 2933.

When do you ship?

Only after your order is placed, the fruit is hand-picked and delivered, and you will receive it at your doorstep within 2 to 6 days, depending on the final destination.

For orders received by Fridays at 6 pm, shipments will be made on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The delivery dates for each product are weekly updated: we suggest you to consult the information page of every product when ordering with us.

DHL courier will handle shipments and deliveries.

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, the shipment and delivery times will change: the order will be handled once your payment or a copy of it will be received.

The delivery date is always indicative: dealing with freshly harvested products can be challenging sometimes due to natures’ unpredictability, such as unexpected extreme weather events (rain, wind or bad weather conditions).

How much does home delivery cost?

The delivery costs of our products can vary, depending on the quantity of fruit ordered:

0-4 kg: € 7,90

5-9 kg: € 8,90

10-14 kg: € 10,50

15-19 kg: € 13,50

20-29 kg: € 15,60

30-39 kg: € 22,20

40-49 kg: € 31,10

A shipping cost is charged for each farmer. For instance, if you order products from 2 different farmers, you will pay 2 separate shipments.

These shipping costs apply to all foreign countries listed below.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, at present we deliver to some European countries: France, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Principality of Monaco.

How much does it take for the home deliveries?

Once your Box has been dispatched, it is shipped by express courier in 48 or 72 hours, except in the case of delays attributable to the courier.


The subscription is temporarily available for only our Italy based customers.

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