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Hass Sicilian Avocados "As They Are

Hass Sicilian Avocados "As They Are" Organic by Orteat

Hass Avocados "Just As They Are" are the same avocados as always, but with a smaller size than usual.

Every day under the sun, genuine fruits and vegetables ripen, growing as they are in nature .
Some of them are more imperfect than others precisely because of the unpredictability of time, but no less good for that.
A different shape, a smaller or smaller size does not affect their flavor in any way: they are always delicious.
That's why we decided to integrate these products, helping producers to reduce waste and always promoting sustainability.
Offering them to you as they are.
Find out more by reading on: Products As They Are

The taste of Hass Avocados is always intense and creamy, perfect for any kind of recipe.
The only thing that changes is the size with a smaller caliber from 120 to 150 grams, after all nature is unpredictable and imperfect and we like it that way!
We believe that between a small avocado and not a big avocado there is no difference, what matters is its goodness!

Want to know how to store Avocados to anticipate or slow down their ripening? Here is our Guide Article: How to Store Avocados

The Hass Sicilian Organic Italian Avocados for sale Online on Orteat untreated come from organic farming, without the use of chemical synthesis products.

Properties and nutritional values

Hass Avocado is not only good, it contains in fact many nutritional properties that are good for our body.
Let's discover some of them:

- Vitamins B,C,E, K,
- Folic acid and potassium
- Magnesium and fiber

- Monounsaturated fats such as omega 3 oleic acid


The benefits of Hass Avocado are many, its contribution inside our body is able to provide a valid help and ensure its correct functioning.

Let's discover together the main benefits of avocado:

- Counteracts cardiovascular diseases: thanks to the rich presence of Omega 3, organic avocado is fundamental in counteracting cardiovascular diseases.

- It has a strong antioxidant power guaranteed by the presence of Vitamin A and E.

- It controls bad cholesterol: thanks to the richness of monounsaturated fats (the good ones), untreated avocado helps to keep the heart healthy and to diminish bad cholesterol, increasing the sense of satiety and also helping to lose weight.

Conservation and use

Hass Avocado is good all the time, let's face it!
Among the most beloved recipes there is definitely Guacamole, but also Avocado Toast, Poké and all the more exotic recipes.

We suggest you to try it even with a simple salad, it will give it a special taste!

Would you like to know more recipes to discover how best to use our Avocados?
Take a look at our articles:
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Our Hass avocados are shipped freshly picked and need a few days to be fully ripe.
If kept in a cool environment, such as the refrigerator, avocados ripen very slowly.
To speed up the ripening process we recommend storing them in a paper bag outside the fridge.
It is also possible to keep Avocados together with other fruits such as apples, always inside a paper bag, in order to accelerate the ripening process.

For more information about how to understand the ripeness of Avocado you can read our guide about how to understand when an avocado is ripe.

Customer service

We are available for any information or need, from pre-purchase to post-purchase. We care about ensuring the best buying experience. You can contact us by email at or on WhatsApp at 392.2012933

General information

Variety: Hass Sicilian Organic Avocados
Harvesting period: from November to December
Packaging: 2 kg and 4 kg

About the farmer



Group Goel Cooperative 

Luca, Laura, Domenico, Giuseppe, Roberto and many other farmers that you already know, belong to this cooperative. 

The Goel Cooperative was born to restore value and light to the beautiful territory of Calabria.

And it is exactly to preserve the territory that Goel decided to switch to orga ...

Hass Sicilian Avocados "As They Are

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Hass Sicilian Avocados "As They Are


1 item - 2 kg

We support farmers and the planet!
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    Orteat follows the course of nature and respects it. We don't like to import products from other countries, and we don't like using artificial techniques to extend their seasonality. Each product grows and matures at a given time of the year.

    We support farmers and the planet!
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    10,60 €

    To the producer

    0,55 kg

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