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Orteat starts shipping organic products from its Italian farmers to some European countries.

Sorry if you find some Italian words or some mistakes, we are working on improving our International website.

In the meantime, we don't want you to lose the chance to try out our farmers' products!  

Mixed Box of Organic Citrus and Kiwi Fruit

Orteat's Mixed Box of Organic Citrus and Kiwi Fruit.

Organic Lemons, Clementines, Oranges and Kiwis.
The Mixed Cassette that brings Citrus and Kiwi enthusiasts together.

What will you find in the box?

Box 4 kg: 1 kg table navel oranges, 1 kg clementines, 1 kg lemons 1 kg kiwi "Save the Harvest"
Box 9kg: 4 kg table navel oranges, 3 kg clementines, 1 kg lemons, 1 kg kiwi "Save the Harvest"

And now let's see all the fruits

BIO Clementines, have always won everyone over with their unmistakable scent, full, rich juice taste and their versatility for mid-day snacks!

BIO Lemons, how can you not have them in your kitchen? Ideal for every preparation and a must-have food in every home's pantry.

The BIO Oranges, Orteat's beloved best seller are characterized by juicy flesh and deep yellow color, making them perfect for juicing but also for enjoying in wedges.

Organic Kiwifruit" Save the Harvest" these delicious fruits may have a smaller than usual size, or a flat rather than round shape, or they may have a "butterfly" shape.
Inside, however, they preserve all their organoleptic characteristics and delicious flavor. And you don't want to miss such a good harvest just because of a different shape?

Want to know more about the Save the Harvest initiative?
The project was created for everyone who has at least once wondered "But where do unsold produce go?"

Let's start from the beginning though, what does unsold produce come from?

  • From different products that large retailers do not want (because they are too small, too big, abnormal shapes, damaged peel).
    We specify, however, that flavor of these products remains unchanged, we all know that the dress does not make the monk and an abnormal shape does not compromise the taste and goodness of a product.

  • Produce that a farmer has harvested to fill orders but that has remained in storage (for example: harvested more fruit than expected or some orders have been cancelled)

  • Products that the farmer has to harvest in a hurry because of adverse weather situations (e.g., it may happen that a frost may cause the crop to be lost).

  • Fruit that the farmer was unable to sell and remained on the plant, (e.g., because there was no demand for that fruit, or because the price offered for the farmer's crop was too low)

In such cases where the producer finds himself with quantities to sell promptly, Save the Harvest was created with the idea of saving unsold produce, so that you can not only buy the remaining quantities immediately and benefit from a lower price, but also help the farmer against waste.

One of the products you will find in the "Save the Harvest" initiative are Kiwis-the perfect snack for the whole family to enjoy even at school and at the office.

The Mixed Box of Italian Citrus and Kiwi Oranges for sale online at Orteat contains Organic Navel Oranges, Clementines and Kiwis that are grown and harvested in Calabria, always following the principles of sustainable agriculture that respects seasonality and nature

Properties and nutritional values

Let's find out everything about Kiwis and Citrus Fruits together:

The super known properties of Citrus Fruits, as we know, boast a large dose of Vitamins that can help the immune system and make it stronger.

They also contain antioxidants and mineral salts.

The BIO Kiwis, among the various nutritional properties, contain:

- Vitamin C, E, K and have a good dose of folate with a good supply of potassium, calcium and magnesium.


Citrus fruits and kiwis increase the immune system

Citrus fruits and kiwis prevent cardiovascular disorders thanks to their calcium and potassium content.

Citrus fruits prevent skin aging, giving greater elasticity and tone.

Citrus fruits limit the absorption of sugars and fats

Avocados and kiwis have an excellent amount of fiber, which helps the intestines, promote regularity and intestinal transit.

Conservation and use

Our Mixed Box with Citrus and Kiwi is ready to be the protagonist of a thousand recipes, let's roll up our sleeves and run to the kitchen!

With citrus fruits we can make desserts of all kinds, from cakes to muffins.

With kiwis we can make infinite sweets and jams.

Conservation tips?

The hand picking of our organic citrus fruits takes place strictly after receiving the order, allowing the customer to receive a very fresh and high quality product.

For this reason Citrus Fruits can last up to a month if stored in a dry and cool environment, such as on the veranda or balcony.

While kiwis should be stored away from direct sunlight, in a dry and cool place for a couple of days before being consumed, in order to reach the optimal degree of ripeness

Customer service

We are available for any information or need, from the pre-purchase phase to after-sales. We want to ensure complete peace of mind with your order. You can contact us by email at or by phone (also on WhatstsApp) at 392.2012933.

About the farmer

Farmer goel


Group Goel Cooperative 

Luca, Laura, Domenico, Giuseppe, Roberto and many other farmers that you already know, belong to this cooperative. 

The Goel Cooperative was born to restore value and light to the beautiful territory of Calabria.

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Mixed Box of Organic Citrus and Kiwi Fruit

Produced by
Farmer Goel

19,00 €

1 item- 4 kg

Mixed Box of Organic Citrus and Kiwi Fruit


1 item - 4 kg

We support farmers and the planet!
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6,8 €

To the producer

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Orteat follows the course of nature and respects it. We don't like to import products from other countries, and we don't like using artificial techniques to extend their seasonality. Each product grows and matures at a given time of the year.

We support farmers and the planet!
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6,8 €

To the producer

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