IGP Organic Roasted Hazelnuts

Organic Hazelnuts


The classic rounded hazelnuts with an excellent flavor traditionally used for all types of preparation.
Genuine and good, the Tonde Gentili Trilobate Hazelnuts can be enjoyed at any time of your day thanks to their natural goodness and the many benefits they bring to our body.

This typical variety of Organic Hazelnuts is grown in Piedmont, is closely linked to the territory and is part of the cultural identity. More than two thousand trees grow in the fields of our farmers, some just planted and others several decades old, the result of the work of grandparents and fathers.

The Italian Organic Hazelnuts for sale Online on Orteat come from Piedmont, are grown using organic and sustainable methods, without any type of chemical substance that could affect the ripening of the fruit. They are grown by the Orto Pian del Bosco organic farm, owned by our farmers Manuela, Andrea and Irene.

Le proprietà e i valori nutrizionali

Hazelnuts are very nutritious and energetic fruits, made up of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and fibres.

They contain a lot of vitamin E and have many antioxidant properties.

I benefici

The Benefits of Organic Hazelnuts are many.

Let's start with the presence of phytic acid, a particular substance that limits the absorption of some mineral salts, counteracting oxidative stress.

Some scientific studies recommend taking a portion of hazelnuts a day in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Conservazione e utilizzo

The world is full of recipes with hazelnuts!

It is enough to mention one of the most famous creams in the world, but also chocolates, desserts and confectionery.

To be eaten alone or used in delicious preparations, the hazelnut is the queen of the kitchen.

Here are the most famous recipes:

- "Brut e Bon", dry sweets whose name derives from their irregular shape. Baked in Tuscany.

- Nocciolini, in Chiavasso (To) made with hazelnuts of course.

- Hazelnut sprigs, typical Messina biscuits covered with white icing

Then? well the recipes are endless, better start preparing!

Hazelnuts can last a long time if stored in a cool, dry place.

This type of fruit can last for days or weeks, allowing for a long shelf life.

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Informazioni generali

Variety: Organic Round Gentili Trilobate Hazelnuts

Caliber: small

Producer: Manuela, Andrea, Irene

Chi è l’agricoltore

Farmers andrea manuela e irene


Farm l'Orto del Pian del Bosco

A story that bears fruit slowly, enriching itself day after day with new experiences.

This adventure was started by Andrea, who in 1997 decided to begin a biological journey, a path that would lead him to compete with new sustainable and ethical cultivation methods that would give new life to the la ...

IGP Organic Roasted Hazelnuts

37,00 €

1 confezione- 1 kg

IGP Organic Roasted Hazelnuts


1 confezione - 1 kg

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