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Orteat starts shipping organic products from its Italian farmers to some European countries.

Sorry if you find some Italian words or some mistakes, we are working on improving our International website.

In the meantime, we don't want you to lose the chance to try out our farmers' products!  


The next deliveries will be made approximately between 7th and 8th April.. The shipping of our products is free (with the exception of some peripheral locations).

If you order from different manufacturers, you will receive separate deliveries.

Create your own Organic Vegetables Box

Our Mixed Box with Organic Vegetables

Would you like to receive different seasonal vegetables all year round? Our farmers have the perfect solution for you! We are talking about the Mixed Box: every week you can choose among a vast variety of vegetables to include!

Follow the steps below to create your Mixed Organic Vegetables Box. 

  • Choose the size: small or medium. For 1 or 2 people, we suggest you the Small Box, while if you are 3 or more people, the Medium Box is the one for you! 
  • In the Small Box, you can add up to 5 different types of vegetables
  • In the Medium Box, you can add up to 7 different types of vegetables. Don't miss the chance to try them all!

The weight of your Box varies according to the products that you have selected. More details are available in the below sections. 

Pay attention: the Mixed Box may vary every week, so we suggest you to carefully check our website to discover which products will be available. 

Here you have the list of vegetables you could choose from this week: 

- 'Delica' Pumpkin (1,4kg)

- Organic Carrots

- Organic Fennels (0,5kg per piece)

- Organic 'Red Radicchio' (0,4kg per piece)

- Organic Yellow Potatoes

- Organic Red Potatoes 

- Golden Onion (0,24kg per piece)

- Organic Leek (0,6kg per piece)

- Kale (0,6kg per piece)

- Organic Broccoli (0,4kg per piece)

- Organic Cauliflower (0,8kg per piece)

- Organic 'Romanesco' Cauliflower (0,7kg per piece)

- Organic Celery (0,4kg per piece)

Moreover, our farmer Alberto, has a vast variety of organic and super tasty Tomato Sauces, Preserves and Tomato Purees!

The 'Azienda Agricola Monastero' grows these vegetables by always respecting the cycles of nature and sustainability and guaranteeing high quality and super tasty products!

Properties and Nutritional Values 

Vegetables can help us to stay healthy, by promoting our wellbeing. They are in fact important sources of vitamins, fibers, mineral salts, proteins, but also water, potassium, sodium, iron and calcium! Everyone knows how important is to regularly eat vegetables in order to have a healthy and balanced life.

The Benefits

Vegetables are perfect for all dietary habits. They are sources of many benefits for the digestive system and are very useful in case of abdominal bloating. Additionally, they are very beneificial for our immune system thanks to their antibiotic and detox properties. 

How to Eat and Use the Mixed Box with Organic Vegetables

You can use these vegetables to create a lot of different recipes. You can use them as a side dish, you can make a super creamy soup or a delicious quiche. You can really use them for everything! 

How to Store our Mixed Box with Organic Vegetables

We suggest you to store the vegetables in a dry and cool place, preferably far awya from eachother. If you would like to store them for longer periods, try to put them in the drawer of your fridge. Usually, you can store them for maximum 2 weeks!

Customer Service

We are always available for any information or need, from the pre-purchase to the post-purchase phases. We aim at guaranteeing you the best shopping experience. You can reach us via email at or via WhatsApp at +39 392 201 2933.

General Information

Variety: Organic Vegetables' Box, customizable with the available seasonal products. 


Tomato Puree: tomatoes, salt

'Arrabbiata' Tomato Sauce: tomato puree 96%. parsely 1,3%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, sugar (from sugar beet), garlic, chili

'Basilico' Tomato Sauce: tomato puree 97%, white onion, basil 1,1%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, sugar (from sugar beet).

Farmer: 'Azienda Agricola Monastero' 

Properties and nutritional values

Tutti gli ortaggi sono fonte di benessere per il nostro organismo.
Dalle vitamine, alle fibre passando per sali minerali, proteine, ma anche acqua potassio, sodio, ferro e calcio!
Tutti conosciamo l'importanza degli ortaggi nella nostra alimentazione, consumarli regolarmente ci permette di avere ottime difese immunitarie una salute sana.


Le Verdure possono essere consumate in qualsiasi regime nutrizionale.
Apportano innumerevoli benefici per l'apparato digerente, molto utile in caso di gonfiore addominale. Hanno anche ottimi benefici per il sistema immunitario, svolgendo un'azione antibiotica e disintossicante.

Conservation and use

Ogni ricetta vuole la sua verdura, scegliete gli ortaggi che vi piacciono di più e componete mille ricette diverse.
Create primi o secondi a base di questi buonissimi ortaggi, oppure preparate una calda e morbida vellutata, ma anche creme e torte salate.
Insomma, le porte delle cucina sono aperte!

È consigliabile conservare le Verdure in un ambiente asciutto e fresco,  riponendoli in ampi contenitori ed evitando che vengano ammassati.
Quando si desidera conservarli più a lungo potete riporli in frigo, nel cassetto delle verdure. Meglio se contenute in un sacchetto non sigillato che lascia respirare l'ortaggio. E' bene consumarle entro due settimane circa. 

Customer service

Siamo a disposizione per qualsiasi informazione o esigenza, dalla fase precedente all'acquisto fino al post vendita. Ci teniamo a garantire la migliore esperienza di acquisto. È possibile contattarci via email a o su WhatsApp al 392.2012933

About the farmer

Azienda agricola monastero


Negri Family

Departures and arrivals, travels and traditions. Rediscovered places that take on new forms and new shapes. 

This is the story of the Negri family that since 1932 has committed to rural and farm life, rediscovering ancient traditions. They decided to stabilize themselves in an old Olivetan monastery in Verano, in ...

Create your own Organic Vegetables Box

25,00 € 23,00 €

1 item- Small, 1-2 people

Delivery from 7th and 8th April.

Create your own Organic Vegetables Box


1 item - Small, 1-2 people

We support farmers and the planet!
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CO2 emitted

We support farmers and the planet!
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To the producer


CO2 emitted

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive this product?

Products are shipped early in the week to ensure freshness and quality. You can read the estimated delivery date for each product within its tab.

What if there are problems with my order?

You can contact us for any need related to your order, as well as any other information, via email at or by phone (including on WhatsApp) at 392.2012933.

What happens if I'm not home?

We will notify you to indicate when the courier will deliver our products, but if however you should not be at home, you will be contacted to arrange a second delivery.

I ordered 2 products but only received 1

To ensure a short supply chain, products are shipped directly from our farmers. This means that if you have purchased from different producers you will receive different shipments.

Can I change my delivery address?

Certainly, you can do it from your personal area, where you will find a summary of your data including the delivery address. However, the change does not apply to shipments on delivery.

How can I track the shipment

In the email that we sent you upon confirmation of shipment you will find all the references necessary to easily track the shipment and understand when it will be delivered.

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